Welcome To GoudaGames

My name is Martin Jirlow, and I'm an independent game developer. I make games during my spare time to realise my own imagination. All my games so far are free to play and available on this site, ready for you to enjoy.

NOTE: The site is still in development, and things are missing. As of yet, there are no game downloads.

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The Person

My name is Martin Jirlow. I'm from Sweden, and I love making games. I love making games. Read more about me here.

The Games

My games are based on my own ideas, creations of my imagination. So far they are all free, so feel free to try them out. Enjoy!

The Vision

I make games I want to make, and they're mostly just influenced by me and close friends. I want to create games that I myself like to play.

Current Project: I.A.N 2

Out of all my games the one I personally enjoy playing the most is probably I.A.N (or They Dug Too Deep). So let's make another one!

Latest Projects

They Dug Too Deep

The dwarves... they dug too deep. They awakened the monster of the depths, and that monster is you. Kill dwarves, evolve and try to reach the surface!

Carrot Chaos

You need to stock up on food for the winter and those snowmen's noses sure look tasty. You have to keep moving to not freeze to death. Collect carrots, kill snowmen and run faster with magical red scarves.


You are the administration of the Interdimensional Administration Network (I.A.N). You have to transfer the data between the dimensions connected to the network. Deliver the data packages to the correct nodes and collect points.

More Games

There are more games than these.
Check them out here.