Carrot Chaos

You are out stocking food for the winter, and the snowmen have really tasty noses...

In Carrot Chaos, you have to run around, kill snowmen and pick up their carrot noses. There are AWESOME EXPLOSIONS, and MOAR POWERUPS THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAG... Ok, not really.

The game is kind of simple, kill snowmen, pick up carrots, and keep moving, or you freeze to death. Oh, and avoid crashing into any snowmen, they're really cold, and will lower your temperature.

You can also pick up red scarves, because they make you run faster, for some magical reason. I hope you'll enjoy it! Ooh, and please post the highest amount of carrots you are able to collect, you know, just for funsies :P


(if the game's instructions aren't clear enough)

Movement: WASD

Fire snowballs: Arrow keys

Pause: ESC