You're the administrator of the Interdimensional Administration Network (I.A.N). Your job is to make sure that data gets transferred between the worlds connected to the network. A world is represented by a node on your nodemap. Deliver the adressed data packages to the correct node. Keep the worlds connected!

This game was made using dart and pixi.dart. If it doesn't run, check that your browser version supports WebGL and has it enabled. There's no audio, cause dart's implementation of web audio seemed broken in the current version.

How to Play

You are the green circle that's always in the center. Your job is to deliver the data packages to the correct node. To do this you click and hold on a node to begin circling around it. You can then release the mouse to let go. Collide with a package that you find near one of the two starting nodes and deliver it to the node with the same number as the package by tethering (click and hold) to the node. Avoid crashing into nodes. You can use [W] and [S] to change the length of your tether, and also use [ESC] to pause.