They Dug Too Deep

The dwarves! They've dug to deep! They've awakened the beast in the depths, and that beast is... you. A cute little slime.

In They Dug Too Deep you play as a slime that starts in the depths of a dwarven mine, and your mission is to jump up through the mine and kill as many dwarves as possible.

Killing enough dwarves allow you to evolve and grow stronger, but don't slow down, the longer you wait the stronger the dwarves get. See how long you can survive in the mines, and how many dwarves you can take down.

The Development

I'm quite happy with how this game turned out, I didn't think I would have enough time to as much as I was able to do, but still, a lot of features had to be left out.

I would also like to apologize for any bugs you find, as well as the very cluttered main menu. The main menu was done very quickly, and was my solution for giving the game some story, as well as learning the player HOW TO PLAY.